THOUGHT (1): Hopeful

Battered, bruised, saddened and apprehensive are just some of the feelings one has after being a victim of numerous failed relationships. Each time your heart gets broken, you would swear that you will never go through this again and a few months down the road you find yourself in the mirror putting on your ‘’face’’ and picking an outfit to go on another date. And the cycle continues. But I wonder, is dating a natural part of life (like wisdom teeth), or are we dating, optimistically, in hope that someday our ‘’other half’’ will show up and when he/she does, we will be rescued from the paws of dating but to the ‘’hell’’ of happily-ever-after?


Belief! Maybe it’s not even advisable to be an optimist after a certain age. Maybe pessimism is something we need to start applying on our skins every day, like moisturizer. Otherwise, how do you bounce back after reality batters yours belief system and love does not, as promised, conquer all? Is hope the drug we need to off of, or is it keeping us alive? What’s the arm in believing?

‘’Believing’’ reminds me of child-hood disappointments when you are anticipating a fabulous gift for Christmas (say, a doll house) and your parents bought you books (LOLOL). Was it wrong to belief that you would get what you actually wanted? Or, was it wrong to just believe? Why not just approach life with no expectations and no beliefs and accept whatever comes your way, good or bad. But then, in not believing wouldn’t life is less fun.


Some people are afraid to believe. Is it that they are afraid that they might actually surprise themselves and get what they wished for? No! I doubt it. I think the real fear is that of not getting what you spend your life hoping for. But how many bad dates and failed relationship can one person go through all in the name of the Church of Optimism and Hope? Is it that these failed relationships and bad dates are the tests of your religion and should somehow ‘strengthen’ your belief system? Well, if that’s the case some Church members might just grow weary and fade away at the high-ways and by-ways. Who then shall be ‘saved’? Is it that if you don’t believe, you are punished by not getting your Prince Charming?




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  1. Alecia Whylie
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 02:01:24

    The reality is you may go through your entire life and never meet your Prince Charming. Meeting the man or woman of your dreams is a privilege, not a right.


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